About Chili’s

In 1967, our founder, Larry Lavine attended the inaugural Terlingua Chili Cook-off in Terlingua, Texas. Burgers. Ribs. Fajitas. It all started with a dream: to create a place you’d want to go and hang out with good friends over a burger and a beer. For people who craved connection with family and friends, we were the only ones to offer a genuine Southwest spirit filled with positive energy.
Our first location opened in 1975 in Dallas, where we converted a post office into a funky little joint named Chili’s. Since then, we’ve boldly claimed our place in the restaurant universe. Today, you can find us in 32 different countries. We happily celebrated 20 years in Mexico and we’re excited to be opening new locations in Asia and beyond. People around the globe love our Fresh Tex and Fresh Mex flavors, and the fun ways that we make every Guest feel special.
1970's: Bellbottoms and Schlitz Beer
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1980's: Hamburger Hippies Clean Up
1990's: Presidentes & Pop Culture
2000's: Growing Up & Giving Back
2010 and Beyond: Fresh Is NOW